F/A-18E "Super Hornet" interior 3D decals for MENG kit 1/48 K48031


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F/A-18E "Super Hornet" interior 3D decals for MENG kit


Kelik 3D Decals

3D-Decal Working Tips

- Since 3D-Decals are significantly thicker than traditional ones, we advise to use additional adhesive to put it in place. PVA-based glue is recommended.

- Small parts can also be glued with cyanoacrylate glue. Keep in mind that using such glue requires extra care – accuracy, quickness and careful positioning are required since the drying time for CYA glue is very short. CYA gel – based glues may be used for preference, since they do give user more time to position the part.

Operating procedure

  1. Prepare plastic kit parts for use. In some cases removing the raised details on kit parts may be required (see decal instructions for specifics).
  1. Optionally, kit plastic parts may be primed or painted to provide better adhesion for 3D-Decal.
  1. Carefully apply glue to a plastic kit part in a uniform thin layer. When using Microscale Metal Foil Adhesive, make sure it is transparent first, then glue the part.
  1. Separate the 3D-Decal part from its paper base, submerging it into warm water (just as you would do with a conventional water-slide decal), then position it uponthe plastic kit part. Give it some _me dry (approx. 20 mins).
  1. To ensure extra adhesion, you may want to use cyanoacrylate glue applied to the side of 3D-Decal part. USE CARE! We recommend using bamboo toothpick or thin wire micro-loop for this opera_on. Using the glue tube itself is not recommended. If small elements or seat belts are present in 3D-Decal layout, we recommend using cyanoacrylate glue, or CYA-gel:
  1. Squeeze a drop of CYA-glue out of the tube onto a separate surface.
  2. Dip a toothpick or wire micro-loop into it. Miniscule drop of glue should remain on a tip of a toothpick.
  3. Carefully put this miniscule drop onto plastic kit part.
  4. Separate the 3D-Decal part in warm water, then remove water from it with dry napkin (paper or fabric), or dry brush.
  5. Put the 3D-Decal part in its place on the drop of glue (see step 3). Use sharp tweezers, or a needle, or a _p of a modeling knife, or wet brush.
  6. Carefully and quickly position the 3D-Decal part.

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